The team at Foresite are experienced consultants who:

  • Uniquely specialise in providing integrated planning and bushfire management solutions.
  • Adopt a local approach with a Victoria-wide reach.
  • Value developing and maintaining relationships with clients and key stakeholders in the planning process.
  • Take pride in our personal growth and being conversant with changes in policy and legislation.

Meet the Team:

Director – Anthony Matthews

Bachelor of Arts (Urban Studies), Graduate Diploma (Urban Planning)

Anthony is a partner at Foresite Planning & Bushfire Consultants.

Anthony has close to 20 years of experience in land use planning in local government (1995-2011) and close to 3 years working with the Country Fire Authority assisting with the implementation of the State’s bushfire policy (2011-2014).

This unsurpassed combination of planning and bushfire policy experience means that Anthony is uniquely placed to provide a fully integrated approach to the management of bushfire risk within the land use planning context – in addition to consulting on a broad range of non-bushfire related planning issues.

Anthony is also a highly experienced and effective planning advocate at VCAT with close to 20 years of experience representing local government and the CFA.

Contact Anthony today to discuss how the recent changes to the Bushfire Management Overlay will affect your project.

Contact: 0407 880 899 (

Director – Jackie Prossor

Masters in Social Science (Planning & Environment)

Jackie is a partner at Foresite Planning & Bushfire Consultants.

Jackie has close to 20 years of experience in land use planning. Prior to joining Foresite Planning & Bushfire Consultants Jackie successfully established and led two local planning consultancies (2008-2014) and previous to that worked for more than 9 years in local government.

Jackie has advised on a wide range of planning projects including mixed use commercial and residential redevelopment, multi-units, rural and residential subdivisions, Green Wedge and rural activities and change of use.

Jackie has a proven track record in preparing and lodging quality planning applications and working effectively with other specialists, local government, agencies and residents to ensure that all relevant matters are fully considered and addressed. This approach reduces costs and delays and facilitates timely delivery of your project.

Jackie is well placed to provide high quality town planning advice on your project.

Contact: 0409 100 433 (

Planner – Lauren Lain

Lauren is a Planner at Foresite Planning & Bushfire Consultants.

Lauren has over 11 years of experience in land use planning and development.  Lauren has transitioned from a planning position within Local Government assessing a wide range of planning projects including residential and rural subdivisions, commercial and residential development, multi dwellings and change of use.  Lauren has also assessed planning projects involving dwellings and dwelling additions within the Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO).

Lauren's thorough knowledge of Council processes enables a smooth and efficient planning application process ensuring all required documentation and information is submitted at the time of application, reducing delays to facilitate a timely delivery of projects.

With a comprehensive knowledge base of planning and Council processes, Lauren is able to provide quality advice to assist in a positive outcome for your project.

Contact: 0439 247 529 (